Wash and care

Our Merino wools are washable at low temperature according to the product you have purchased at Le PetitMouton. It is always better to wash Merino wool products by hand. However,if you own a washing machine with a"hand wash" program, you can wash clothes on this program at low temperature and short gentle spin (max. 400 RPM).
We recommend that you use adetergent for delicate fibers or “special babies”.
When your woolen item regains its original shape,dry it flat on a dry towel.


For maintenance products Petit Mouton
- Machine washat maximum temperature 40°C,very gentle spin ;
- No bleach ;
-Iron at low temperature ;
-All common solvent except trichlorethylene ;
-Dry flat.



-Hand wash, maximum temperature 40°C ;
- No bleach;
-Do not tumble dry; Le PetitMouton recommends dry flat ;
-Iron at medium temperature(150° C) ;
-All common solvent except trichlorethylene.

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